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ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Business Leaders’ Summit

ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Business Leaders’ Summit

December 15, 2023 at 3:00:00 AM

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan friendship and cooperation, the ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Business Leaders’ Summit was held in Karuizawa from December 14 to 15. Approximately 60 Gen Z business leaders from ASEAN and Japan participated, engaging in discussions on the future of corporate collaboration in ASEAN and Japan, with a focus on sustainable development. A joint declaration was formulated to outline the shared commitment towards fostering cooperation and sustainable development in the region.

AJZLC (ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Leaders Community) is a community comprising young business leaders selected from Japan and ASEAN countries. Its purpose is to collaborate on addressing societal challenges in each other's regions and strengthen mutual understanding and trust among members of the same generation.

Members participated in the "ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Business Leaders’ Summit" held in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture on December 14 and 15. During the summit, they worked on crafting Policy Proposals for major government agencies and executives in Japan and ASEAN, addressing social challenges in each country.

In addition to discussions on Policy Proposals, the summit featured the ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Leaders Forum, where delegates engaged in discussions on various themes. Delegates also had the opportunity to experience Japanese culture through excursions and deepen their understanding of Japan and ASEAN countries during the Cultural Night. These activities fostered bonds among the delegates


■Discussion Topics

On December 14, delegates created Policy Proposals for each theme during the discussions. The topics covered during the discussions and the documents for the Policy Proposals are as follows:

A. Agriculture

B. Carbon Credit

C.Circular Economy 

D. Education

E. Human Resource Development

F. Social Inclusion

G. Social Impact

H. AI, Web

I. Startup

J. The ASEAN-Japan Talent Visa

Please find each group's recommendations document here.



Opening Ceremony

Welcome Lunch

Photo Session with Vice Minister

Discussion on Proposal

Report of Policy Proposal

Dinner with Z Leaders and Young Leaders


ASEAN JAPAN GenZ Leaders Forum



Closing Dinner(Cultural Night)

Discussion on Policy Proposal

ASEAN JAPAN GenZ Leaders Forum


Cultural night

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