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ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Business Leaders’ Pre-Event in Jakarta

ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Business Leaders’ Pre-Event in Jakarta

October 19, 2023 at 3:00:00 AM

Held the ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Business Leaders’ Pre-Event in Jakarta, Indonesia. Business leaders from Gen Z across Japan and ASEAN gathered to conduct discussions on 'Cross-Border and Intergenerational Solutions to Societal Challenges.

AJZLC (ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Leaders Community) is a community comprising young business leaders selected from Japan and ASEAN countries. Its purpose is to collaborate on addressing societal challenges in each other's regions and strengthen mutual understanding and trust among members of the same generation.

The programme built Gen-Z leaders’ capacities as advocates and agents for increased partnership and collaboration between ASEAN and Japan through a collection of lectures, group discussions, expert-led panels, site visits, team activities, networking, cross-cultural sharing, and produced a vision statement/communique/proposal for the leaders. 

At the pre-event, various activities such as lectures, corporate visits, and discussions on policy recommendations were conducted to promote and enhance friendship and cooperation for addressing social challenges between ASEAN and Japan.

Building on the discussions during the pre-event, policy recommendations will be formulated for the Prime Minister of Japan at the ASEAN-Japan Gen Z Business Leaders’ Summit, scheduled to take place in Karuizawa in December 2023.


Office Visit

Group Presentation Session

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