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Yanuth Then

Yanuth Then

Startup Cambodia Program Coordinator Department of Startup Development / Techo Startup Center

My name is Yanuth, and I proudly represent Cambodia as a delegate. I currently hold the role of Startup Cambodia Program Coordinator at the Techo Startup Center, where I am deeply engaged in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within the country. In my capacity as the Startup Cambodia Program Coordinator, I take on a leadership role in orchestrating and executing critical startup support initiatives. These encompass a wide spectrum of programs, ranging from acceleration programs that propel startups towards success, to ideation stage hackathons that inspire innovative thinking, and a diverse array of community events. My role also extends to overseeing the development and management of the Startup Cambodia digital platform. These support programs have played a pivotal role in catalyzing the growth of startups within Cambodia's burgeoning startup ecosystem. They have not only provided essential resources but have also contributed to instilling an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth of Cambodia. Throughout this journey, I have remained dedicated to promoting innovation, fostering collaboration, and driving positive societal change. I wholeheartedly advocate for the empowerment of innovative thinking through adoption of technology and as a means to catalyze transformative and impactful change. My unwavering commitment to these principles underscores my passion for creating a brighter and more innovative future for Cambodia and beyond.

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