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Takamasa Suchi

Takamasa Suchi

CEO / Zip Infrastructure Co., Ltd.

He graduated from Keio University’s Faculty of Science and Technology. His passion for space began in childhood, and during his university years, he gained experience in developing the ascent and descent mechanisms for a space elevator. However, he noticed that realizing a space elevator required extremely high financial and technological challenges for now. He then came up with an idea of using space elevator technology to create a new transportation system by using its self propelling system. In July 2018, he founded Zip Infrastructure Co., Ltd. The company is currently involved in the ‘self-propelled cableway’ business, known as Zippar. It is expected that the implementation of Zippar will contribute to a smoother global transportation system. He was recognized as one of the most notable Asians in Forbes’ ‘Forbes Under 30 Asia 2022’ list. Additionally, he has received numerous awards and honors in domestic business competitions.

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