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Akihiko	Shimoyama

Akihiko Shimoyama

CEO / Senjin Holdings Inc.

I am a representative of Senjin Holdings, Inc. and a master's student at Tokyo University of the Arts. I was born in Hiroshima in 1996. Graduated from the University of Tokyo. Interested in human beliefs and behavior patterns since junior high school. Through various activities, such as conducting research on how to dramatically improve the winning rate of rock-paper-scissors by statistical analysis, I have gained a meta-analytical understanding of the fact that humans are essentially analyzable. By organizing the necessary efforts from this perspective, I have been able to produce results even after entering university. Some of my notable achievements include winning the ""Career Intercollege 2016"" and the highest earnings at the ""Bloomberg Global Investment Contests (2017)"". I envision a future in which I can succeed in business and use that success to work in art and academia, with the goal of having my memes spread to the world with maximum efficiency.At the same time, based on my intuition that the human view of life and death essentially defines life itself, I started reading books with my schoolmates and explored what is the good life and death through real experiences such as meditation practice in India and extreme living on a desert island. The philosophical thinking skills I cultivated during these experiences later led me to create art. The combination of Catholicism, which I studied in high school, with I study of primitive Buddhism and New Age Movement led me to develop an original view of religion.In 2017, anticipating that the value creation of human society will move more concretely into the virtual world, I established CoinOtaku Inc. with a business specializing in analyzing crypto-currency transactions. I run one of the largest media companies in the crypto-currency industry in Japan, and sold the company for 6million dollars in 2020. I founded Senjin Holdings, a company that uses technology to maximize the temporal density of human life in a more comprehensive manner. I have several affiliated companies, and the total annual sales of the group is several billion yen.After graduating from the University of Tokyo in 2020, I entered the master's program at Tokyo University of the Arts. After graduating in 2020, I enrolled in a master's program at Tokyo University of the Arts, where I began creating artworks as a nexus for expressing I fundamental view of human nature, which is rooted in the business, financial, and academic fields I have been involved in. I founded the artist group ALT in 2021, and held the first exhibition ""Living Well Here and Now"" in November.As a hobby, I have read countless manga since I was a child. My favorite works are ""HUNTERxHUNTER"" and ""Blue Period"".Currently, I am using the profits from the sale of my corporation to create artworks to appeal to the world about what life would be like if humanity were to gain immortality in the not too distant future. Based on the intuition that the evolution of the world will be accelerated when the leaders of society change their consciousness, I have developed a joint project between entrepreneurs and artists, and am writing a paper on the significance of this project from an anthropological perspective.

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