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Ryo Ogawa

Ryo Ogawa

CEO / Timee Co., Ltd.

Ryo Ogawa, born on April 13, 1997, developed an interest in entrepreneurship during his high school years and underwent internships at Recruit and CyberAgent. In August 2017, he founded Recolle, an apparel-related venture, but decided to pivot the business after just a year. From August 10, 2018, Ogawa launched the on-demand staffing app “Timee”, aiming to create a platform where individuals can conveniently work across various industries and professions, all under the vision of “enriching each individual’s time.” In his personal time, Ogawa enjoys Shogi and holds a 3-dan rank. He continued his academic journey and graduated from Rikkyo University’s School of Business Administration in September 2023.

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