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Moh Suthasiny	Sudprasert

Moh Suthasiny Sudprasert

Co-CEO / Happy Grocers

On a mission to transform Thailand's food system.After several years as a design researcher and innovation consultant, I came to appreciate the profound impact of community-driven solutions and the power of challenging convention through creativity.In 2020, amidst the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, my friend and I established "Happy Grocers" – a sustainable food startup aimed at connecting rural farmers directly with consumers in Bangkok. This venture unveiled our unique potential to curb deforestation and elevate farmers out of poverty, leveraging the principles of sustainable agriculture and fair trade. We're on a mission to democratize eco-friendly grocery shopping, making it both affordable and conveniently accessible to households in Thailand. Complementing this vision, our offerings span fresh fruits and vegetables, an assortment of grocery products across 20 diverse categories, nutritious beverages, and specialized ingredients tailored for restaurants.In a nation boasting over 15 million farmers, "sustainable food" transcends mere "organic" labels. For us, a truly sustainable food system is one that's inclusive and has the muscle to address climate change on a grand scale. Embracing innovations like biochar, we're elated to be on a trajectory towards a carbon-neutral food system by 2030. Our vision encompasses a framework where farmers are empowered, facilitating their shift away from chemical pesticides towards regenerative agriculture—all while granting them access to essential knowledge and financial resources. When I'm not working on Happy Grocers, you'll find me cycling, surfing, scuba diving, crafting pottery, or delving deep into books on history and tech.

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