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Marilia Martins

Marilia Martins

Urban Resilience Program Officer / Mercy Corps Timor-Leste

AMfatdil Company

Marilia graduated from the Dili Institute of Technology (DIT) with a bachelor's degree in engineering. Currently, she works as an Urban Resilience Program Officer with Mercy Corps Timor-Leste. In addition to her professional work, Marilia is actively involved in volunteer activities through her female engineering group, where she engages in outreach efforts at high schools and universities. She is also a member of the """"Sister Strengthening Each Other"""" group, dedicated to advocating for gender equality and prevention and intervention against violence towards women and children.
Marilia has gained valuable skills and experiences, including leadership, interpersonal communication, business acumen, youth empowerment, gender equality, social inclusion, workshop organization, and support in administration and logistics. Beyond her professional and volunteer commitments, Marilia enjoys participating in training sessions, attending various events, and engaging with volunteer groups. She is an avid hiker, often exploring the stunning mountainous landscapes of Timor-Leste with her friends. Marilia is a passionate coffee enthusiast, an active basketball player, and has a keen interest in small business ventures.

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