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Khun Kyaw Zayar Win

Khun Kyaw Zayar Win

Founder & CEO / MyFarmer Labs Limited

Khun Kyaw Zayar Win is a young social entrepreneur and tech startup founder, born and raised in a smallholder farmer’s family from a rural area. With over five years of experience in the Myanmar digital landscape, he co-founded mDigital Win Co., Ltd, a successful marketing-tech company, during the early stages of the country’s digital transition. Currently, he leads as the CEO and founder of MyFarmer Labs, a new-normal Myanmar-based agri-tech social enterprise aimed at enabling smallholder farmers to better access finance, markets, and quality inputs at a low cost.One of his notable achievements is the creation of a crowd-farming platform to connect smallholder farmers with individual investors, donors, and institutional lenders. He has facilitated access to alternative sources of capital for farmers, particularly targeting marginalized ethnic minorities, the young generation of farmers, and women in rural areas. He believes that digital services and platforms are key to rapid change and to bringing equality for underserved communities.

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