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Iman Jazmina Mohd Jamel

Iman Jazmina Mohd Jamel

Co-Founder / Heart in Craft

Jazmina is currently a trainee lawyer, with a knack for entrepreneurship. With over 7 years of business experience over diverse products and services, Jazmina has discovered her passion in the realm of digital marketing. She dedicates her time to help businesses and social enterprises in achieving growth through effective marketing strategies.

Previously, she founded an e-commerce cosmetic and beauty brand which had gained traction upon its inception. Throughout the years, she shared her knowledge and experience with various educational and financial institutions in hope to inspire more youth to be involved in business. More recently, she co-founded a social enterprise, """"Heart in Craft"""" which provides for means of income through handcrafting for refugees in Malaysia.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Jazmina is an active advocate for youth and empowerment rights. In 2019, she co-founded one of the first registered NGO in Malaysia that tackles the issue of period poverty. Jazmina's dedication to advocacy led her to represent Malaysia in the prestigious academic fellowship with the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) at University of Nebraska Omaha in 2020.

Jazmina is eager to connect and collaborate with fellow young business leaders, with the ultimate goal of sharing her valuable insights to uplift her community in Malaysia.

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