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Ibun Hirahara

Ibun Hirahara

Founder / HI corporation

A 2018,2019 One Young World Ambassador, Ibun’s first study abroad was at the age of 8 years old on her own. She has since studied in China, Canada, Mexico and Spain. During her journey in four different countries, she learnt the importance of education and the potential of human connection. After returning to Japan, she completed her BA at Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies and began working at Johnson & Johnson in the field of digital marketing. In a deeper pursuit of her dream of realizing a "borderless world", she founded HI.LLC. Providing ESG consultancy to enterprises and connecting local enterprises and schools to social entrepreneurs from 201 countries to learn from each other and come up with a sustainable solution that solves global social issues. Selected as Forbes JAPAN 2021 "Best 100 talent".

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