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Taing Huang Hao

Taing Huang Hao

Founder & President / Local4Local​

Born and raised in Phnom Penh city, Hao Taing is an ambitious Cambodian youth with a passion for social entrepreneurship. Currently, Hao is pursuing a Master of Marketing at the University of Minnesota. Hao is the Founder and President of the Local4Local organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Local4Local is on a mission to diminish food insecurity and empower the livelihood of cyclo drivers in Cambodia. At the age of 21, Hao was listed on Forbes30Under30 Asia’s list under the theme of social impact. With Local4Local this year, Hao is in pursuit of setting a new world record by building the “Largest Cyclo in the World.” By envisioning a vision of the “Community of Kindness”, Hao continues to use his platform to amplify positive impacts through community partnership and creativity. As a storyteller and a photographer, Hao has an eye for art and creative expressions. Being trilingual (can speak Khmer, English, and Chinese), Hao embraces diversity as an intercultural communicator. At the heart of changemaking, Hao also champions mental health awareness through acts of gratitude and mindful meditation. Hao enjoys jogging, basketball, and hiking in the wilderness.

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