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Chalipa​_ Dulyakorn

Chalipa​_ Dulyakorn

CEO / InsKru

Chalipa Dulyakorn is a passionate advocate for education, teacher development, and social entrepreneurship. Driven by her heartfelt wish to provide meaningful learning experiences for students across Thailand and frustrated by the lack of support for teachers in the region, Chalipa launched insKru. The platform empowers educators by fostering collaboration, idea-sharing, and skill development, amassing a thriving community of over 300,000 members and followers across digital platforms.
She aims to ensure that great classroom innovations are not only learned but also heard, thereby fueling positive change in education. Her vision extends beyond borders as she seeks to expand her community to facilitate collaboration among teachers throughout Southeast Asia.
In 2021, insKru was chosen to join the Meta Community Accelerator program, and she was selected as a Gen.T (Thailand) honoree in 2022.

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